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Alice’s Workshops

“Illuminating Alice” and “Speaking Out and Fitting In!” are deeply personal works; primarily examining the performer’s own identity and experiences.

Nevertheless, Alice also runs a series of workshops designed to positively discuss the wider transgender / gender-fluid  experience and teach some of the practical performance skills she has leant to bring these personal narratives to the stage.

The workshops can explore a number of perspectives; from creating art out of personal narratives, dressmaking for Transwomen, to writing poetry for performance.

Miss d’Lumiere’s Frocked-up Sewing Circle

Alice d’Lumiere makes all her own dresses; mind you at six foot two she has to! So join Alice for a lesson in dressmaking and come away with some skills to help make your own. Whether you’re Trans and your chromosomes make it difficult to find a cute little retro number that fits, a ‘genetic girl’ who doesn’t know her twill tape from her bias binding, or even a proficient sewer looking for some additional tailoring tricks, Alice will endeavour to help.


The event’s not just about making frocks; it’s about exploring what it means to live in them. Welcoming transgender, cisgender and anyone else with an open mind and a sense of fun… Cross-dressing, or retro attire is not required to get in; dress only as you feel comfortable. Just bring your sense of toleration and liberation!


Attendees can also take sewing equipment, or projects on the go should you wish to stitch and natter.

Alice d’Lumiere’s Turnabout Tea

Ladies as Gentlemen! To accompany her performance of “Illuminating Alice” writer, actress and part time MtoF Retro Girl Miss Alice d’Lumiere presents a fun afternoon exploring themes of gender reversal, cross-dressing and changing personal identity. All will take place in a supportive and silly environment; a chance to meet up, dress-up, express oneself and generally be fabulous!


Alice d’Lumiere invites you to touch up your lipstick, straighten your nylons and slip into your fullest fifties frock for her Turnabout Tea - and what’s more, some of the women might wish to do likewise... Welcoming transgender, cisgender and anyone with an open mind and a sense of fun... Cross-dressing, or retro attire is not required to get in, dress as you feel comfortable just bring your sense of toleration and liberation! Find your voice and start talking.

The Tea Party can provide an accessible jumping off point for discussions of gender and identity; whilst enjoying music, tea and oodles of cake!

Alice’s Verse and Spoken Word Workshop

How do you like to express yourself? How might you express yourself in words? Have you found a voice and form for yourself, both literally and creatively?

In this workshop accompanying her show "Speaking Out and Fitting In!" Alice invites you to try some verse writing and creative speaking.

Alice aims to create a free, safe space where people can learn, share and let their voices sound out in verse, or in prose. Alice herself is male to female gender fluid and welcomes discussions and expressions of both cisgender and transgender identity alike, but Alice is always happy to be guided by the creative requirements of the class.

The focus for the work can be split between a practical lesson in traditional verse construction; stress, metre, rhyme scheme (and all those other basic building blocks of poetry), and using verse to further the creative expression of self.

If you have written some verse that's personal to you, or you have a short piece of verse of prose in progress, please bring it along; either on paper, or in your head should you be able. If you're not working on anything, but want to play with words, voice, or just lean the difference between iambic pentameter and trochaic tetrameter,  just bring yourself, your imagination and a willingness to express yourself aloud; as Alice would love to hear from you too.

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Frocked-Up Sewing Circle Turnabout Tea Verse and Spoken Word

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